OpenRules Test Harness

A new OpenRules Release 6.3.1 enhances its Test Harness with automatic comparison of expected and actual decision execution results. Continue reading

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Learning Business Rules from Data at RuleML-2014

This year RuleML-2014 will be held in Prague on Aug 18-20. For the first time it will include a special track called “Learning Business Rules from Data”.  As a member of the organizing committee, I posted the proper announcement here. It promises to become a very interesting event when the decision management practitioners meet their academic partners. Continue reading

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OpenRules Sandbox

To simplify an evaluation of the OpenRules BDMS we’ve created an OpenRules Sandbox – see  So, you do not have to download or install any software to be able to run your own decision models. Continue reading

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Can a Decision Model Define Uniqueness of Objects inside a Collection?

This question was asked by Antonio Plais – see the LinkedIn discussion. Several practical variations of this question were mentioned: 1) Define if the same product appears more than once in the same sales order; 2) determine the uniqueness of records in a file to be loaded into a Data Warehouse.  Obviously, the question deals with business rules defined on collections of objects – not the most popular topic among decision modelers. Continue reading

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Using Macros inside OpenRules Expressions

A new OpenRules Release 6.3.0 introduced “macro” to simplify an access to  decision variables. For example, you may write a formula like below

DefineResultNew Continue reading

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Another DMN Decision Model (executable!)

Today Nick Broom published his own example of a decision model based on his understanding of the current version of the DMN standard. Nick is a business analyst and a well-known decision management practitioner, so his interpretation is very valuable as the standard is oriented to the business analysts (not to programmers). Nick’s example is supposed to make a decision whether an applicant is eligible or ineligible to a credit card. Nick described a simple credit card application process and designed decision requirements diagrams and related decision tables.

Starting to read his post, I decided that it could be helpful to make Nick’s decision model executable and to test if it actually produces the expected results. It took me several hours to do it using mainly Excel and the latest version of OpenRules BDMS.   Continue reading

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My LinkedIn Discussions

LinkedIn today is probably the most popular social network for professionals. Looking for one of my old posts, I noticed that it is not so simple to find it and many people have troubles to do it. However, when you click on your name inside any discussion you will receive links to everything you posted but only within one discussion group. Here are LinkedIn discussions that I’ve started in several groups: Continue reading

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