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OpenRules Implementation of the Loan Approval Challenge

In Dec-2016 published a new Challenge called “Loan Approval“. This challenge actually was proposed by myself based on real-world experience with one of our customers (a large bank). The most important point of this challenge was a general architecture that … Continue reading

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New OpenRules Release 6.4.1 with DMN Why-Analyzer

“Imagine you had a Why Button handy whenever you encountered some disconnect in day-to-day business operations. Hit the Why Button and presto – answers appear in the form of relevant business rules” – Ron Ross, 2013 The release OpenRules Release … Continue reading

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Building a Custom Scheduler with OpenRules and JSR-331

One of the largest Japanese telecom company is successfully using OpenRules being integrated with a BPM product produced by our partner Intra-Mart. Last month this customer asked us to help with development of a custom scheduler capable to schedule thousands of … Continue reading

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BBC 2016

This year OpenRules will again be an exhibitor and a presenter at the major Business Rules and Decisions Forum 2016 at BBC conference on Oct 31- Nov 4, 2016, Las Vegas, NV. We are sponsoring this major BR&DM event for 13 years in … Continue reading

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Dealing With Unknown Data published an interesting challenge “Greeting a Customer with Unknown Data” that deals with the real-world decision modeling issue: your decision model has to produce a meaningful outcome even when expected input is not available. We provided our DMN-like solution utilizing … Continue reading

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Developing Custom Decision Modeling Languages with Enhanced DMN

The modern Business Rules and Decision Management Systems help users to move business logic from a code to business rules controlled by subject matter experts (not developers).  In particular, the latest Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard [1] defines powerful … Continue reading

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OpenRules Release 6.4.0 Supports DMN FEEL and DMN Interchange

OpenRules, Inc. was among the first Business Rules vendors who announced its support of the DMN standard and published a DMN Primer implementation just two weeks after the first DMN announcement in 2013. Since then we are steadily improving our DMN … Continue reading

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