Using Rule Learner to Identify Unfriendly Robots

In this post I will describe how to use just published Rule Learner to solve the DMCommunity Jan-2019 Challenge. Cyber police has these images of Unfriendly and Friendly Robots:

Rule Learner should discover rules that classify any robots as friendly or unfriendly. Continue reading

New Rule Learner for Ever-Learning Decision-Making Systems

OpenRules, Inc. was among first BR vendors who introduced the integrated Machine Learning and Business Rules approach back in 2007.  Over the years, our Rule Learner was successfully used to discover business rules by analyzing large sets of historical data in different problem domains. One of the first success came in the large IRS project “The integrated use of BR+ML technologies” – read more.

Today we introduced a new version of Rule Learner publicly available as an open source product under the terms of the LGPL (it means no restrictions for commercial use!). You can download it for free from It naturally integrates Machine Learning (ML) and Business Rules (BR) techniques by incorporating ML algorithms into rules-based Decision Models. Continue reading